Master the Practical and Tactical

The experts at The Horizon Experience Project are passionate about sharing their extensive skill set with the greater community.  We offer focused, practical and enjoyable training classes across many disciplines and levels of competency.  Our goal is to share knowledge, to help community members prepare for a crisis, to build resilience and to ensure safety in a multitude of situations.

We have free blog posts and videos (coming soon) with helpful information, so check them out.  We will always make much of our content available for free on this site.

We have big plans, but are starting small. We encourage you to sign up for our newsletter and the newsletter from our first sub-project: Horizon Arms Research which focuses on gun education, tactical training, and selling firearms for the defense of yourself and your family. You won’t be disappointed by the content!

If you are interested in learning about firearms, self defense, or potentially buying a high end reliable weapon, please visit Horizon Arms Research